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Full Motion Video

Type of Program: Video Utility/Player and Jukebox
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT
Company Name: SlipStream Systems
Version: 4
Price: $59.99
Installed Size: 12mb


FMV (Full Motion Video) is the latest in the video Editor and Player genre to come along. This one produced by SlipStream Systems does many of the things you may be accustomed to using or seeing but of course, adds something that some of the others do not have (yet).

FMV is a multimedia solution with extensive features such as being able to directly edit, add special effects (the effects generator provides real-time effects and transitions), plus, FMV includes its own movie and audio player and provides a host of additional multimedia tools. Tools such as being able to create your own Wallpaper from any of the images you currently use within the Editor, as well as being able to use your group of images to make your own personalized screen saver. To create a video screensaver you create
a collection of one or more clips, adjust the zoom and playback speed for each clip in the settings screen and click the Create Screen Saver and its done. You even have the capability to use Web pages in your screen saver! FMV allows one to create their own skins right on the spot. Use one of their templates to create one or many.

FMV uses both the Apple QuickTime V5.0 video format and the latest version of Microsoft's Video format so you should be able to play most media formats that these two support. It also thus supports DivX and MP3 audio formats. SlipStream Systems reports that this list of media formats "will grow as both Microsoft and Apple add additional support for new moving and still formats." Making FMV the only player required. Note: FMV does not support the RealMedia format for movies or streams.

So, how does one put their video together? You group your images, audio or Web pages (or streams) into a Collection. This then becomes your group of movies, audio tracks, etc. This allows you to keep all your multimedia clips into convenient locations otherwise know as, "Collections." If you have
a video capture device attached you can also capture video and frames with FMV.

Producing a movie is possible by using some of these tools:

a.. Closed Captions
b.. Sub-Titles
c.. CDex Audio Ripper and Concretions
d.. AVI TO MPEG Converter
e.. ID3 Editor for MP3's
f.. CDDB
g.. And more

How does FMV stack up against the others? It takes a little getting used to and has some catching up to do with the others. But it does already have some features that the others lack so FMV doesn't lag too far behind.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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