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Adrenaline plugin filters

Type of Program: Plugin filters for graphics editors
Supported Platforms: Windows
Authors Name: Martijn W. van der Lee
Version: ?
Price: Three are Freeware, two are Shareware
Installed Size: 400 kb


This site has a great deal to offer graphics enthusiasts! Not only the Unplugged series, but another set of filters called "Adrenaline".

The Adrenaline series contains five filters, Camouflage ver. 1.01, Halftone ver. 1.04 demo, Harmonix ver. 1.0.7c6, OldMovie v1.29n demo, and SnowScape ver. 1.01. You can see previews of each filters' effects on a graphic on the website at

Camouflage, Harmonix and SnowScape are freeware; Halftone is $14.95 U.S., and OldMovie is $19.95 U.S. I've downloaded, installed, and played with all five. The prices are very reasonable and well worth the investment. Give them a try today!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Angelene

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