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Engrave Vertically filter

Type of Program: Plugin filters for graphics editors
Supported Platforms: Windows
Authors Name: Tim Lister
Version: ?
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 22.4 kb


Engrave Vertically does just what the name implies: It engraves any picture in black and white with vertical lines. For printing leaflets, etc., this is wonderful, as you can decrease the color depth to 1 bit and save about 20:1 on the file size! The resulting file will also print well, even on an old dot-matrix printer, and photocopy equally well.

You can see examples of this filter's effects at

Just unzip this file into your graphics editors' plugins file. Don't forget you'll have to restart your graphics editor for the filters to appear.

Amazing freeware is part of the charm of the internet. Stock up while you can!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Angelene

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