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Type of Program: MS Word add-in
Supported Platforms: Word 98 & 2001 Mac/Word 97 & 2000 Windows
Company Name: Del Rey, Inc
Version: 1.0
Price: 21.95
Installed Size: 750 kB


HandyGraph is a Microsoft® Word add in that is used to create blank grids, graphs and number lines. A simple "User form" allows customization of graphs through a dialog box interface. After creating a graph it can be altered by choosing the graph and opening the "User form".

HandyGraph should prove very useful to math and/or science teachers that need to create blank tables grids or number lines. As well as quality professionals or others that need to create charts for SPC (statistical process control) such as Xbar & R Xbar & S charts or histograms or other data gathering activities.

There are a few limitations placed on unregistered versions Del-Ray has an excellent table describing these at, they also have a list of customizable options which include the use of p or exponential notation at

Installation was easy and trouble free. Once installed the macro takes approx. 3 seconds to run and open to the input dialog. Graphs draw in approx. 2 seconds. I tested HandyGraph for Word 98 on a 300 mhz G3 running OS 9 and a 233 mhz PowerBook® running OS 9.1 and experienced no problems with it. The manual is a Microsoft ®. Word document, which I found to be complete, easy to read and understand.

Overall I would highly recommend HandyGraph to anyone with a need to easily and quickly create blank graphs, grids or number lines. Nice job Del-Ray. I hope your working on a version for OS X.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Michael Bernstein

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