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Type of Program: Build Tutorials
Supported Platforms: DOS-Windows-Quick Basic
Company Name: C-Worthy Corporation
Version: 2.
Price: ?
Installed Size: ?


Well finally something completely different!

What you get with your download is a demo. This demo shows you how the program will look after you program it to do the learning process that you would wish to teach.

It is a DOS interface so it is kinda plain Jane looking but don't let that put you off. Results in your teaching are what you are interested in. The screen has a number of panels with the questions that you want the answers too, by clicking on them the student gets the answer.

There are a number of applications for this type of software. One that I can think of is that you can make learning tutorials for sale. Of course another is for supplementing classroom instruction.

Take a look at the demo. You might just get inspired and have a whole new business.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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