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Type of Program: Genealogy/Birthday Utility
Supported Platforms: Win 98/Me/XP
Authors Name: Arthur Giltinan
Version: 3.0
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 1.3meg


The install of the program was short and sweet. It lets you put it's files anywhere you want and in a painless fashion.

This program is a Family Genealogy/Birthday Reminder Utility. The interface is fairly straight forward and with the Help file you will have no problems using it.

You can do things at the touch of an icon like display persons sorted alphabetically and by the month of their birth. Plus another click will display the family tree of the selected individual.

It is also easy to save your data to a floppy at the touch of a button, of course you can email the data to someone else.

Besides being intuitive and useful it is Freeware. Really hard to beat that kind of a deal!

I must admit it is the first program that I have seen that is dedicated to the memory of a dog. It is dedicated to the memory of Rat Terrier Zipper (Doodle) Giltinan, " Leader of the Pack". Whom you can email at

In conclusion if you are at all interested in tracking your family tree or just keeping track of birthdays you should have this program. Got get it the price is right!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Mango Bob

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