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Type of Program: Creates photo galleries
Supported Platforms:Win 95/98/NT/ME/XP/2000
Authors Name: Tim Helton
Version: 3.0
Price: $49.95
Installed Size: 9.6 MB


The installation of this wonderful program was as easy as pie. No real surprises here. It installed where I wanted it and with no hitches in less than a minute.

When you first open the program it asks if you want to view the Quick Start Help. So I did. Lets get one thing clear right away. This program has some of the best tutorials and Help files known to man.

Here is their description of the program:
Create thumbnail based web photo galleries. Interfaces with Garmin GPS units for creating georeferenced images, EXIF support, customizable HTML template files, integrated FTP, program automation, image batch processor, XML image description support, copyright stamper, built-in e-mailer, an HTTP Soap client, the ability to interface with external applications, and more. Very powerful and unique. F1 on-line help. 100+ pages of documentation.

Well that says it in a nutshell. Here is my nutshell, if you want to create webpages using Thumbnails this the 800lb gorilla you have been looking for.

Besides being able to use this program make pages with Thumnails you can Post to a list of server side scripts or Mail to a list of e-mail addresses your images.

You are going to have to shell out the cash before you can use this program as it puts DEMO on all you images.

Go try this one out!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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