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Type of Program: Stationery maker
Supported Platforms: Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Until now I hadn't given email stationery a thought but if you think about it we strive to make our web pages attractive as well as our DTP pages yet we still send email on plain old white paper. Scrippy will let you do something about that.

This program lets you make email stationery with the greatest of ease. With features like:
Simple and intuitive user interface with lots of pop-up help available.
16 sample stationeries to get you started.
Preview mode to see how your composition will look.
No knowledge of HTML required, not now, not ever!
Can be used to create web pages as well as stationery.
Pages created with Scrippy can be viewed by users of Internet Explorer 5 and later, and users of Netscape 6.1 and later.
Supports JPG, GIF, animated GIF, and PNG formats.
Automatic preview of graphics while browsing, including dimensions and file size.
Automatic sizing of graphics in the stationery (no need to note dimensions.)
"Transparency" feature to make pictures partly see-through.
Supports MID, WAV, AU, and AIFF formats. Also supports "streaming" audio formats.
Automatic preview of sounds while browsing, including file size.
Stationery created can be distributed to other users.

You can't really go wrong. The 16 sample templates of varying complexity give you the chance to play around with Scrippy and find out how it's done.There are also links to sites where you can find tutorials, graphics, templates and other such goodies. Scrippys' web site is a well presented and easy to navigate site with a good FAQ section and worth the visit for information. This is a neat program that will have you creating stationery within 30 minutes.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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