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Paraben's Business Card Builder

Type of Program: Business Card Maker
Supported Platforms: Windows 9X/NT/2000/ME/98/95
Company Name: Paraben Corporation
Version: 4.0
Price: $24.95
Installed Size: 2 281 Kb


Are you paying too much for business cards that you don't even like? If that's the case, Paraben's Business Card Builder is the answer.

With the Design Wizard you can create professional looking business cards in no time, without having to be a professional desktop publisher! Choose from dozens of templates and backgrounds or start from scratch to create your own.

Paraben's Business Card Builder supports printing on both sides of the paper stock, Standard letter and metric A4 paper stock, full color support for color printers, folded business cards, Bar Codes and Arc Text. It's even got optional crops marks for cutting your own cards. You can easily switch between different layouts, Undo and Redo, import your own graphics and logos. You can save your design as a graphic file for use with other programs. If you need to create business cards for an entire organization, Paraben's Business Card Builder's got a Personal Database.

As no trial version is perfect, I suggest you register for the following reasons: The trial version prints "Trial Print by Paraben's Business Card Builder" on top of all your business cards; you won't click the "Buy Now" button every time you want to click the file menu, as the "Buy Now" button is where the File menu usually is; No nag screen when you start the program. When you register you get an additional set of 100 background images to choose from.

You won't easily find another business card making program that prints business cards this perfect!!!

User Friendly:
Ease Of Installation:
Reviewed By Jessica Van Rooyen

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