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 Hot CPU Tester

 Type of Program: PC Diagnostic Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95-XP
Company Name: 7Byte
Version: 3.0
Price: $19.95
Installed Size: 7.0mb


 The first thing many of you may ask is; “Why would I need to use a program of this nature?” Well, the reply I might make is; “Why do you test drive a car before you buy it?” Hot CPU Tester will literally test drive any computer system and put it through some strenuous tests to insure the computer is as good as it should be. Hot CPU Tester will test the CPU and virtually all parts of the motherboard for any errors and/or defective parts. I remember long ago that before I would let any customer take a new PC home, I would do a burn-in test, i.e.; leave the computer running for 24 hours minimum continuously. Now, Hot CPU Tester takes this many steps further using its “DefectTech engine.” What it means is that the DefectTech engine is a technology developed by 7Byte Computers themselves to diagnostic systems regarding its stability and in the computer's general health.

Is Hot CPU Tester trustworthy? Consider the fact that many labs and government organizations around the world use it; I would have to say that it must be reliable enough for home use for troubleshooting systems.

Here are a few of its features:
1. It will test both the System Bus as well as the Memory Bus
2. CPUID featured (comes in handy)
3. Is compatible with virtually any CPU
4. The DefectTech Engine to test the whole system and its subsets
5. Tests Chipset along with motherboard
6. Monitors CPU performance under pressure
7. Included is an Benchmarking Ability
8. It will test both the L1 and L2 Cache
9. It was written to test the CPU, chipset, motherboard and Memory
10. It has an built-in Anti-Crash and CRC checker
11. Plus more

When Hot CPU Tester runs its tests on such items as the CPU, caches, chipset, memory modules and other parts of the motherboard it will check for the parts that are most likely weak or defective and that could fail under heavy loads or when the heat gets too high. These tests will intentionally overload all components to the maximum limits. This way you will be able to see just how reliable they are as well as their integrity. When I ran these tests I used the recommended settings and ran the tests for 6 hours. If a system is stable enough under these hard conditions than it should run under “normal” conditions.

So if you really want to test drive a system and put it through some stress tests, Hot CPU Tester is sure to do that, and more. For the price what else could you want?

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made directly from their Web site.

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