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 Ulead PhotoImpact

 Type of Program: Image Editor
Supported Platforms: Win98/ME/XP/2000
Company Name: Ulead
Version: 8.0
Price: 89.95
Installed Size: 36 MB


 Well ULEAD really cleans up with PhotoImact 8.0! I am getting closer to finding a graphics product that does all things I need for my digital imaging needs. The effects, filters and OH the beautify skin feature ROCKS!!! I have been touching up images and making all skin beautified, but natural on all my friends and family portraits. It does all the paint features too like Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop, if you are a novice Photoshop user. Now for you experts, I am not telling you this is a replacement for Photoshop, I don t know that as I am a consumer graphics user not a professional graphic artist. But, what I do know is it is a lot easier to use and navigate so more people can expand their knowledge of digital images by using this product. It isn t as intimidating as Photoshop. It could use a good browser, finding images is a bit difficult but you figure that out and then it is second nature.

There is so much you can do with this product, you just have to download it and try it out. I cannot go through all the features because the boss of would tell me to "hush" already.

Seriously download it and try it out. The only drawback I had was the need to download additional art files as they aren't included in the download version. I understand why Ulead does this, for faster gratification for you but the download of the additional files, including a help file is a minor inconvenience.

Whether you are playing with web graphics or digital images to be processed for print, PhotoImpact 8.0 will do well for you. Truly an outstanding job and definitely worth the money. I just upgraded my Photoshop for another $200 and did I really need to? My hat off to ULEAD, great job keep the products coming!!

User Friendliness:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by BonnieBAM

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