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Apdsoft Mail Filter and Forwarder

Type of Program: Email Utility (Email Client)
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/XP/2000/NT/ME
Company Name: APD-Soft
Version: 2.07
Price: $30
Installed Size: 850


This is definitely not for beginners. Take a look at the makers description in the next paragraph to see why.

"Apdsoft Mail Filter checks your mailbox, allowing to review, filter and delete incoming messages - either manually or automatically - before retrieving them into a regular mail client program. Spam and junk mail can be automatically filtered out by keywords, key phrases, recipient and sender addressing, attachment types and size, domains and countries of the mail servers used to relay the message, mailer program signatures, etc. Unique and special features: can automatically forward filtered mail to another mailbox; can send automated notifications to the senders of rejected mail; can send automated periodic reports to mailbox owner with the list of recently rejected messages. Mail with viruses can be filtered out by unsafe attachment type and size. Automated filtering rules can be set separately depending on recipient addressing - this is helpful if you have several email aliases. Automated forwarding feature allows to retrieve filtered mail from a separate mailbox, so that no message can come unfiltered. Automated reports and notifications ensure that no important message can be lost occasionally as a result of too strict filtering rules."

Installation was easy but that's where easy stopped. There are innumerable features and settings which took me some hours to get right and even then I am not sure if it is all right. The help file is large and difficult to follow mainly because of the style of English in different areas and this program is complicated enough without having to decipher help instructions though I am sure that if you can set it correctly it will do a good job.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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