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HelioBar XP

Type of Program: Desktop Enhancement
Supported Platforms: Win 2K/XP
Company Name: Sycory Co
Version: 2.1
Price: $9.95
Installed Size:408,191 bytes


The function of HelioBar is to make the Taskbar transparent. This only works with Win 2K/XP due to the required functions being built-in to the system. Good control is given to how this is done, including the ability to make it fade in and out when required. While the program is generally self explanatory, a description of functions would of been useful in the Help file. The help file seems more concerned with the registration rather than any actual help.

What troubles me most is the actual use for this program. I cannot see that this offers any real increase over the simple "Auto-Hide" option for the taskbar. But for those that like the idea, this program offers all that you could want.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Andrew Josef Glina

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