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Type of program: Screensaver
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/XP/ME/NT/2000
Company name: Aragon Systems
Authors e-mail address:
Version: 1.0
Cost: $14.95
Installed size: 350 KB


This is a particle system screensaver. It has 22 unique themes, and you can choose any you want to see or have the system cycle through all of them. You can set the number of particles, the time the theme is on the screen, the transition time, the particle size and more.

You can also enable the 3D button, and then the images, when viewed with a pair of 3D glasses-which a pair will be sent to you free when you register, the images appear to be 3 dimensional, hovering in space in front of and behind the plane of your display.

The effects are fantastic, they must be seen to be believed!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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