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RealDraw Pro

Type of Program: 2D/3D/Vector Graphics Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Company Name: MediaChance
Version: 3.0
Price: $55.00
Installed Size: 25MB


RealDraw Pro is a top of the line 2D/3D/Vector software graphics editor that will have the competition trying to climb their way close enough to the top to see where they should have been going in the first place! If that sounds just a little biased, it is (a little anyway). I have been using and watching RealDraw Pro grow since its beginning when it was first launched back in early 2001. I have seen it develop in a short amount of time into this Version 3.0 Professional Edition and still out distances itself from the competition.

I guess what amazes me about RealDraw Pro is the fact that it is not produced, nor is it mass produced by a major corporation nor an affluent software company. It is solely accomplished by what some would call a "One Man Show." Because RealDraw Pro is produced in this manner maybe that's the reason it continues to grow in popularity. Perhaps that's the reason why it continues to improve with each new release. Try emailing some large corporation today about their software and see what type of response you get (if any), even after paying hundreds of dollars for "their" product! See just how much the "big boys" really lend an ear to their userbase!

So what is RealDraw Pro all about and what makes it so exciting? I could say that the program is a dynamic and unique combination of Vector, 2D, 3D and bitmap editing tools. I could also say that for the first time you now have the ability in one seamless program to work with vector images, 2D and/or 3D images and bitmaps that flawlessly work together in one level of editing. With this version of RealDraw Pro you can create virtually anything! Because it is a very versatile program there really are no limits to what you can do. With RealDraw Pro you can now work with 2D, 3D or vector images all at the very same time! No more converting images, no more using several different software packages to get the job done! Just think of how much money that would save you alone.

Here's a list of only some of the exciting features RealDraw Pro offers:

1.. Packages - Only found in RealDraw Pro! - See below
2.. Vector Editing - Any object you create is editable at all times
3.. Web Graphics Generator - Design interactive graphics with roll-overs and links
4.. HTML Slicer - Take your image and "cut" it up smaller for your HTML page
5.. Bitmap Effects - Boost or sharpen your images with some great effects here
6.. Bitmap Editing - Actually paint directly onto any vector object using a host of tools
7.. Push Back Tool - Create interlocking objects - See below
8.. Moveable Toolbars - Interactive Toolbars that can be rolled up or down
9.. Tab Bars - Access opened documents neatly from the bottom of the screen
10.. Fit To Path - Draw a circle for example then have text wrap around it
11.. Layers - Create objects, lock them or use them in Layers
12.. Fonts - Import True Type Fonts as Polynomes
13.. Conversion - Convert bitmap objects into vector images and vice-versa
14.. Combine - Combine objects using Boolean XOR, Union or Intersection
15.. Color Shift - Change the color of one or all objects from another object
16.. Export to Adobe PhotoShop - Export your entire design into Adobe PhotoShop
17.. Alpha Channel - Export into separate channels in any format
18.. Mega Render - This allows you to render your art into larger image sizes
19.. Text Editing - Edit the shape of any text and its path
20.. Texture Mix - Paint with 100's of textures
21.. GenetX Textures - Here you have an unlimited combination for different effects
22.. Antialiasing - 4 levels
23.. Texture Rotation - Move your texture to any angle or perspective
24.. Quick Style Library - Need a texture, light or image fast? Use this feature
25.. 3D Effects - Bevel, extrude, and much more
26.. Lights - Unlimited - With Point, Spot or Distance with any combination using texture materials
27.. Color Correction - Correct the color on all objects or any separately
28.. Crop - Non-destructive cropping of any image
29.. Blueprint - Import an image and use it as your Blueprint
30.. Production Notes - Enter pertinent information about your project and/or password protect it

RealDraw Pro has many exciting new features that you will need to check out
for yourself to be able to see the true beauty in this program. New features such as the Push-Back tool. The Push-Back Tool is not seen in many graphic packages (if seen at all)! Other programs merely "push" it off as Layers and are not truly interlocking (cross-layers) like this Push-Back Tool. If you were to mimic the Push-Back Tool in other applications you no doubt would have to consume much more work and time! By using this tool you can create some interesting inter-locking objects in only a few mouse clicks. Something else that RealDraw Pro has that no one else does is the use of "Packages." Only in RealDraw Pro will you find this option. With a Package you can easily separate a large project into segments where you can then edit each segment (the Package) along with any of its objects separately!

If you've ever found yourself lacking software that gives you the ability to create stunning images you've only dreamed about then RealDraw Pro is your answer. If you've found yourself deprived of real power in a graphics editor without having to pay those higher prices this program is your answer! RealDraw Pro is truly a pleasure to work with and the Forum support is great! Email support from the author himself is generally fast and prompt! Where else will you find that type of support from the "big boys?" But don't just take my word for it, visit MediaChance and find out for yourself. Bottom line: RealDraw Pro leaves the competition scratching their easels!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall
Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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