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Type of Program: Utility - Resources Monitor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP
Company Name: Holesoft
Version: 1.05
Price: $9.95 up
Installed Size: 2,528,018 bytes


Winpulse is a system monitor program like the one supplied with Norton Utilities. It offers more than most similar applications with motherboard and mailbox monitoring, built in alarms and multi language support being some of the highlights. The sheer number of possible monitors is impressive and each can be set to run in a separate thread. While in the foreground it puts a high demand on the system (On a PII450 running Windows 2000 it used 5% using the standard settings) however Winpulse can be minimized to the icon tray and in this state most monitoring is halted and thus the system load is decreased. If you need to monitor the system while minimized Winpulse can be set to do so on a monitor by monitor basis. Winpulse also supports Tray icon monitors which are useful for CPU and memory monitoring. A few of the monitors have default options that can be set to run if conditions are met. For example, if the Recycle Bin is full, it can be set to auto empty. However, Winpulse is primarily a monitor and unlike Norton, actions can not be set for most alarm events. Even the included Memory Free function cannot be set to run automatically.

What is probably Winpulse's greatest weakness is caused by its flexibility. Winpulse comes with default settings, but it could do with a Wizard or some automatic configuring. A game player would use Winpulse differently to a system administrator. Some auto settings such as "Power User", "Gamer", "Internet" would make Winpulse substantially more user friendly. It would also help if the user could save multiple configurations. Overall however, Winpulse is an excellent system monitor program.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Andrew Josef Glina

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