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Type of Program: Movie Maker
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/ 98/Me/NT/2000
Company Name: Stepahead Software
Version: 4.8.4
Price: $29.95 : $19.95 : $14.95 (Gold, Silver or Personal)
Installed Size:


One part of constantly reviewing software that never fails to amaze me is the ingenuity of the programmers, especially in AnFX 4.8.4

This is Java behaving like Flash but slimmer and faster. It's the Java equivalent of Swish or Kool Moves or any of the Flash type software that abounds on the Internet. Most important of all it has "Ease of Use" and produces superb results. Whilst not for the complete novice you should be designing away happily in 15 - 30 minutes of installing.

Very similar to Swish in designing the program allows you to add actors and then assign actions like, motion path both straight and curved, color transform, size transform, opacity transform, sound, user created shape, user created outline, horizontal and vertical linedraw, rectangle and ellipse tool with arc and pi features. Previewing your work is a breeze using the built in simulator or you can test it in your browser if you want to. Once complete you can generate an HTML file and cut and paste the code to your web page along with any image or sound files you may have used. There are full and comprehensive help files to assist you and there is plenty of online support including one to one support with Stepahead Technical Representatives..

As for speed in loading, well just look at what the makers say, all true I might add,

"The AnFX applet provides a power punch of graphic effects in a compact 20K applet! It downloads fast and ONLY ONCE (further pages with AnFX reuse the downloaded applet code) then starts pumping out those effects while other products are still showing their "Please wait" message."

The three different prices represent the three different types of license Gold, Silver or Personal. Full descriptions of each can be found here

Quite honestly I'm amazed at the price, truly value for money.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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