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Type of Program: PIM
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP
Company Name: LDF Marketing
Version: 2.70
Price: $24.99
Installed Size: 7 Mb


Well I must admit the installation process was pretty scary. On my first attempt the program told me that my system was not up to date and that it needed for me to reboot to install newer files. So I did that. The installation program did not automatically resume so I restarted it. most of the way through I got one of those scary messages:
An access violation occurred while copying the file.
I had the usual choices, Ignore, Retry, or Abort. First I tried Retry, well guess what? That didn't work, so I tried Ignore. I got the usual scary warning after doing that one, but the installation finished and the programs worked.

Don't let this stuff scare you away, my system is used to test all kinds of things and there are some pretty strange things going on with it.

Next surprise instead of a cripple, a demo or 10, 15, 20 or 30 days to try it out. You get full featured programs (OK so there are some nag screens) good for SIXTY days. Nice, really nice.

You get 4 programs in this bundle: Calendar, Notebook, Address/Phone Book & Multi-functional Clipboard.

Ok lets look at the programs. The Multi-functional Clipboard program is called Clipboard plus and as the Help file says:
The Clip Board Plus is meant to be a place to make a quick note or list about anything. The built in functions (Bank Account Manager, Card File, Calculator, Alarm, and Timer) help you stay organized.

In my mind (what little is left of it) this suite is really a PIM (Personal Information Manager) in disguise, though they call it a Utility. The so called Multi-functional Clipboard is at the heart of the operation and it includes some neat things, I really like the bank account manager where you can easily keep your checkbook up to date. There is also a Memo File in it plus Alarm and Timer Functions.

The Notebook thingy, well here is what the Help file says:
The 8 Subject Notebook(s) is designed for Personal Letters, Outlines, and its built in Calculator makes Household Budgets a snap! There are actually 4 different 8 Subject Notebooks, hidden on the bookshelf are 4 books which enlarge as your mouse pointer moves cross them. The selected Notebook is shown as an open book, with it's name is in the Window title bar.

Pretty neat actually. You create a title that is tabbed for your notes then put the info it self in. And because it shows only 8 tabs at a time it is easy to read, and since there are 4 Notebooks you can use them for different subjects.

The calculator works fine too. The Address book is good too, the real difference with this suite is that they go for simple and easy. In this case it works just fine.

The only change I might like to see in a future version is the an option to run the programs in the System Tray.

So in conclusion. If you are reading this you probably have an interest in this type of program. I heartily recommend that you try it out. It's simplicity could be just what you are looking for!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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