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DS Applets

Type of Program: Pre-made Java Applets
Supported Platforms:
Company Name: DS Effects/Dario Sciacca
Version: 0.87
Price: $20
Installed Size:


DS Applets is a collection of 87 configurable Java effects. I must say that the quality of these applets is superb. Just take a look at and click on the DS Applets preview link to be able to see all 87. This same collection of Applets is also the choice of Cool Page ( ) where you can drag and drop each applet onto the page from the same collection which is supplied with the program.

Each applet is configurable though obviously the type of configurability depends on the applet but in general you can alter applet dimensions, intensity of effect, speed, interactive yes/no, add scrolling messages, overlay an image, point it to a URL, add status bar message, customize a message for non Java enabled browsers etc. On top of that you have a preview screen to check your configurations as you go along. Once you have completed all the changes you have to make, you find all the html code necessary to put it on your web page ready written so you can cut and paste it along with instructions as to which class file to copy as well.

Until you register any applets you save will have the DS Effects logo on them but pay an unbelievably low $20 and you get a registration key for all 87 for your site. This is quality and class at a bargain price.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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