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SnapRanking Extractor

Type of Program: Reciprocal Link Research Tool
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2002
Company Name: SnapRanking Technologies
Version: 1.39
Price: $79.00
Installed Size:


I make no apologies for cutting and pasting this from the manufacturers site, it sums up this software perfectly and I couldn't improve on it.

"SnapRanking is an innovative "reciprocal link research and management system". It's primary objective is to triumph over the PageRank* search engine algorithm. PageRank was originally created by the makers of Google, but is spreading rapidly to other search engines due to it's seemingly infallible nature. In brief, a page is ranked according to it's link popularity: more relevant links equates to more credibility and better quality. Therefore reciprocal links have two hit boosting benefits: higher Google (and other search engine) ranking, as well as click through traffic from other sites. Also at the same time building new, mutually beneficial, relationships with partners in your industry."

Let's make no mistake about this, SnapRanking Extractor is a webmasters tool for searching for reciprocal links and a very good one it is too. It allows you to create reciprocal links faster, what normally takes several months you can now accomplish in only one month.

SnapRanking Extracor has an easy on the eye and easy to use GUI and supports five search engines,,,, and . Let's say you have a web site for an HTML editor and you want plenty of links because links mean good search engine rankings. So you enter a search phrase for the sort of sites you want to link to and SnapRanking Extractor returns a list of likely sites and extracts the e-mail addresses from those sites. You can now choose whether you want to e-mail that sites' webmaster asking for a reciprocal link and that will be save in the mailing list. The e-mail is preconfigured and can be one of the supplied templates or one of the templates you have made. You can Also filter and save link partner information, including link addresses, website titles and email addresses. Below is a full list of features:

  • Export feature, export groups of links and titles from the SnapRanking extractor right into your SnapRanking directory.

  • Support 5 different search engines (,,, and, which is powered by Inktomi therefore has almost the same results as

  • Aol,com, and many more)

  • ·Create reciprocal links faster, what normally takes several months, you can now accomplish in only one month.

  • ·Browse sites within the program

  • ·Search feature, research and extract links from a search.

  • ·Statistics feature, info on the number of links extracted, the numbers of pages read and the time it took to do so.

  • Email extractor feature,extract email addresses from any website.

  • ·Email edit feature, you set email info and exclude certain recipients from the mailing list.

  • ·Filter and save link partner information, including link addresses, website titles and email addresses sent.

  • ·Send personalized reciprocal link invitations based on a single message template to all the sites you researched.

  • ·Keep track of multiple projects and save the files for future use. The last project you worked on loads automatically on startup.

  • ·User friendly interface, very easy to operate.

From a Webmasters point of view, and I include both amateur and professional, an excellent time saving tool that will get results.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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