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Incredimail XE

Type of Program: Email Client
Supported Platforms: Win 9x/NT/ME/2000
Company Name: Incredimail LTD
Version: Build 618
Price: Free/ Premium Version avaliable for $29.95
Installed Size: 6.95Mb


IncrediMail Email Has FINALLY Evolved!

This is a very user friendly email program that in this reviewers opinion knocks the socks off of Outlook. With Incredimail you are in total control of what your email looks like. The Incredimail website includes a gallery of different letter styles you can choose from. They are all free to download. You can choose from several different mail notifiers to let you know when you have new email.

You also get emoticons that are built in. This is one of the only email programs I know of where you can use your mouse to write your own signature for your emails. This program supports both MSN and Hotmail email accounts. There is a premium version available for purchase through the website, There are only a few differences in the premium version. With the premium version you can preview your email messages on the server instead of downloading all of them, and you can skin Incredimail, You also get V.I.P. Support which only means that your emails would get answered a little faster, You still get the same courteous and quick support just not quite as fast. You get free updates to this program such as when a new build is released. This is one of the most user friendly programs I have ever come across.

With this program you also get a thirty (30) day free trial of Incredimail's Letter Creator which allows you to make your own email stationery or letter styles as they are called by IncrediMail.

This is a program I highly recommend, I tell everyone I meet and have told everyone I know about it, I have convinced most of them to get it. Visit the site and see for yourself. I have had both the free version and IncrediMail Premium (which I have now) and I think that the premium version is money well spent.

A few of the programs perks: (taken from the Incredimail website.
>Personal voice messages
>Personal signatures
>Vibrant Incoming Email Notifications
>Cool 3D effects (sending, receiving and deleting your messages)
>Ever growing Online Gallery with a wide and constantly updated graphical content bank

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Kristy Browning

This program can be purchased, if you decide to upgrade to the Premium verison, via the incredmail website. They take credit cards over the internet.

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