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WebPosition Gold

Type of Program: Search Engine Marketing
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP/NT
Company Name: FirstPlace Software, Inc.
Version: 1.60.5
Price: $149 for Standard or $349 for Pro. Differences at
Installed Size: 4.47 MB


WebPosition Gold is the best and easiest solution for Internet Marketing. It will help you to increase traffic to your website. This program was designed to be both easy and effective to use.

It consists of 7 different tools: A Reporter which shows you how well your pages rank for the keywords that people might search on to find you; A Page Generator which generate optimized pages; Page Critic which analyses your existing Pages; Upload Manager which upload the changed pages to your site; A submitter to submit your pages to the Search Engines; A traffic Analyzer which reports the traffic as well as the keywords that were actually used to find your site! And last but not least: A Scheduler to improve and maintain your position. The Software is great to use if you need lots of traffic with little effort.

I've tried WebPosition Gold for a week and I certainly got more traffic to my site!!! You can try WebPosition Gold free for 30 days, the Trial Version includes all the features of the regular product except it works only with three major Search Engines.

I'll suggest you buy it as you will always need to get traffic to your site! And this program can maintain your position in the Search Engines with little effort from you! What will happen if you need some help with the Program? Don't worry FirstPlace Software, Inc. has such a good help system that you do not need to wait days just to get help, they are fast and efficient!!!

This is the ultimate all in one program!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Jessica Van Rooyen

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