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Click to Convert

Type of Program: HTML Converter
Supported Platforms: Win95/98/NT/ME/XP
Company Name: Binary Research International
Version: 3
Price: $119.00


Every now and then I get to review a piece of software that really makes you think "How did I manage without this up until now?". Click to Convert is just such a program.

"Click to Convert can accurately create HTML documents from virtually any Windows file, retaining layout, links and formatting. Designed to complement existing web design tools, Click to Convert can create HTML that can be integrated into your web site or intranet with just a few clicks" is the manufacturers claim and it does just that. Just look at the application files it can convert:

Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign 1.5, Adobe PageMaker 6.5, Adobe PageMill 3.0, Allocation Master - Frontier Analytics, AutoCad 2000, Corel Draw, Corel WordPerfect Office Suite, Family Tree Maker 3.02 by Broderbund, Lotus 1-2-3 97, Lotus Freelance 97, Lotus WordPro 97, Microsoft Access 97, Microsoft Excel 97 / 2000, Microsoft HTML Help, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Outlook (Contacts, emails, tasks, calendar), Microsoft Photodraw 2000, Microsoft PowerPoint 2000, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Viewer 97 / 2000, Microsoft Visio 2000, Microsoft Word 97 / 2000, Microsoft Works 95 / 2000, Microsoft Write, NotePad, Paint Shop Pro 6, Quark Xpress, Quickview Plus, The Master Genealogist (TMG) 4.0 by Wholly Genes Inc., View Logic (engineering software), WordPad RTF, and many, many more...

Using it is simplicity itself, you just print your chosen file to the virtual Click to Convert Printer then click on the Publish button, adjust a few configuration settings click on "Publish now" and save it as an HTML document. The HTML can of course be edited to your requirements. The program doesn't lose any hyperlinks or mailtos in the translation either and retains the original formatting. The program can even automatically create a professional-looking table of contents using one of three methods. The table of contents can be on a separate page or in a frame for ease of navigation. Especially great for large and complex documents. Split documents over many webpages or one continuous webpage.

Program features:
" Convert virtually anything to HTML - if you can print it you can Click to Convert it!
" No special viewing software is required to view HTML - just a standard browser.
" View documents on any platform (PC, Mac, Linux etc.)
" Cross-browser compatible.
" Hyper-links and mail links are retained.
" Text is converted into text (and not images).
" Search engine ready web pages are produced.
" Smaller document sizes than original.

If you think about it this is a great money saver, non HTML people can now convert files, no more cutting and pasting from original documents just press a button, wonderful!!

This is an absolute must have. Once you've used it you'll want it, trust me, I know these things.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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