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Type of Program: Search Engine Maker
Supported Platforms: All Win32 versions
Company Name: Atrise Software Co
Version: 4.9.0
Price: $69.95
Installed Size:


I was recently looking around for a Perl script to place a site search engine on a site of mine ( and not being Perl literate I needed easy stuff. Any way I spent the best part of two days trying to install various scripts into cgi-bins with a spectacular failure rate. Wrong chmods, bad paths, you name a fault I found it. The one that did work was pitiful. Then a request for a review of a search engine maker came in which I viewed with suspicion after my recent foray into that world anyhow I took the plunge and said I would do it.

There is a God! Atrise Everyfind is simple and powerful and professional and very easy to use. It took me about 15 mins to put a full search facility on my site (see link above) and I have over 400 links! The program uses Javascript to operate so you don't need cgi-bins, chmods and all that malarkey you just follow a few simple instructions and it's done. Not only that, you can set it all up and test it on your own PC before you upload anything plus you can have categories. It automatically indexes the full page content of HTML and text files from your local disks and CD/DVD drives or you can index a whole site with one click. Once finished it is a simple matter of uploading the necessary files. Everyfind even builds the search page for you along with a CSS file and a results page.

It is highly configurable with options to change almost anything from the weight emphasis put on keywords, tags and general ratings to the color scheme on the results page though you could use one of the 15 built in templates for that. The program can index HTML files, server side scripts (PHP, ASP, Perl) and text files. You can also manually add any links to any files, usenet groups, ftp, gopher resources and even email addresses. The program allows you to control rankings of the links you add. When the site is updated, you can synchronize the search database with just a few mouse clicks. It also now supports English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Norwegian, Russian and Spanish languages. It also runs on any web server.

A first class piece of software.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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