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FlashJester Creator

Type of Program: Flash Utility/Screensaver Creator
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT/W2K
Company Name: 3rd Eye Solutions
Version: 1.2
Price: $395.00
Installed Size: 1.8m


So you want to create a fabulous, one-of-a-kind screen saver? Well, get FlashJester Creator and start cranking them out. FlashJester Creator is a tool for converting your projector files (made from Macromedia © Flash™), into screen savers.

Tired of seeing all those flying windows or scrolling text screen savers? With FlashJester Creator, you can produce programs that have full sound, full animation as well as interactivity. Once you have your flash files ready, FlashJester Creator can then take your creation and produce a custom designed setup.

Check out these features:
1. Fully supports Macromedia Flash 4 and 5
2. No Plugins required by the end user what so ever
3. Full sound and animation support
4. Create custom shape and design setups
5. Play a Midi along with your screen saver
6. Tamper proof files contained within the final executable
7. Disable the right-click and escape key menus
8. Force full screen regardless of the settings
9. Hyperlinks to email and Web addresses in the setup box
10. Password Protection
11. Creates an uninstall program to aid the user in removing the screen saver
12. Unlimited Distribution with the Creator License
13. Multiple language support
14. Ability to create one single EXE or span multiple disks
15. User Friendly and easy to use interface

This program is probably more for those really serious in creating professional screen savers and those willing to spend the money and then recoup it from selling your savers. You should also already be able to create Flash files and have knowledge of other apps that allow you to create Flash files. Other than that this program really does give you an added advantage in producing your final screen saver.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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