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Type of Program: System Automation Utility
Supported Platforms: Win 98/ME/NT with SP6/2000/XP (recommended)
Company Name: Unisyn Software, LLC
Version: 5
Price: 79.95
Installed Size: 35.3 MB


Auto Mate, the name says it all. That is exactly what it does and anyone, and I mean anyone, can use it to create automated tasks on your PC. You systems administrators out there will also love this software just for making your life that much easier.

This is so simple to use, drag and drop orientated to build the most complex of repetetive tasks or to modify application behaviour. In most cases, these automated tasks can be created without writing a single line of code! Any task that can be accomplished in Widows can be created with the help of a wizard and an intuitive drag-and-drop Task Builder.

Each task can be built step by logical step using two primary components "Actions" and "Triggers". "Actions" are what you wnt your PC to do and "Triggers" are the events that set the "Actions" off. There are over 100 "Actions" supplied including launching and closing of applications, launching web sites, ftp and e-mail sessions, sending keystrokes to multiple windows interactively, focusing windows forward and back... plus there are "intelligence" type actions, such as waiting for specific windows to appear or disappear, focusing of windows based on text content, AutoKeys, window popup. All this is done without needing any knowledge of coding or programming although advanced users can unleash the power of AutoMate 5™ Professional with the built-in industry standard Visual Basic for Applications™ compatible Scripting Environment.

This Integrated Development Environment allows users to "extend" the core abilities of AutoMate™, yielding a virtually limitless range of possibilities.

A superb piece of software which will have your repetetive and boring tasks automated with ease. You have to at least try it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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