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Type of Program: Digital Photo Management
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/Me/XP
Company Name: Paessler GmbH
Version: Beta 12
Price: $55.00 Pro $35.00 Standard (does not include the following features:
- Creation of screensavers, slideshows and Palm albums
- Batch processing, CD ROM writing
- HTML template editing)


For those of you that find getting your digital photos from the camera to paper a nightmare, welcome to one of those pleasant relaxing dreams where everything is easy and relaxing.  All you have to do is download Photomeister and click on some buttons, it’s really that simple.

The manufacturers say:

“It is big helper for novices in digital photo management since it makes many “computerish” tasks very easy. You do not have to know the words “directory” or “filename” and it even makes the tasks like “how do I resize and e-mail a photo” easy.”

The manufacturers are right.  It is remarkably easy to use and is packed with features to improve any photos that need improving.  OK it’s no PhotoShop or PaintShop Pro but is certainly adequate and indeed ideal for the novice and if you do have editing software you can still use it.  The zoom feature is particularly impressive with virtually no loss of quality.  Features for improving include

  • Rotate left/right

·         Crop unwanted areas

·         Change brightness/contrast

·         Remove red eyes and add frame borders to your photos

·         Dump (sort out) unwanted Photos

·         Enter/Change the names of the photos and add your comments to each photo

·         Zoom

Once you have improved your photographic masterpieces all that is left is to choose from the huge selection of publish options listed below

·         Send photos by E-mail - PhotoMeister will optionally even resize your photos to make them suitable for e-mail transfer! You can select from sending

o        as a simple attachments

o        as a ZIP file of JPG files

o        as a photo album in PDF format that the receiver can print out

o        as a contact sheet (small thumbnails of all photos)

·         Publish photos on the internet - PhotoMeister creates beautiful HTML albums of your photos and then can even upload the album to your web site!

·         Print photos on your printer - PhotoMeister creates beautiful albums with one or more photos per page - including photo titles and comments

·         Publish photos in PDF albums - for easy sharing of a complete photo album

·         Create a screen saver or slideshow - Have your favorite photos on your computer’s screen every time you do not use it!

·         Batch Processing for professional users - converts complete albums

A most impressive piece of software which takes the mystery of digital photo improvement and publishing and makes it “grannyproof”.  It is still in beta but due to be released in June 2002

I urge you to try it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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