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Type of Program: Word Processor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95r2/98/ME/2000/XP
Company Name: PolySoft
Version: 5 Beta
Price: $25 USD
Installed Size: 2 meg


PolyEdit by PolySoft is an excellent Rich Text Format word processor. The author designed PolyEdit to be a wordpad replacement with encryption abilities and was originally named CryptEdit. It opens and saves MS Word documents, RTF, plain text, and encrypted files. It can open by import Word Perfect, Excel and Write. It had no problems handling large files. PolyEdit features standard text and paragraph formatting, a tabbed Multi-Document Interface, familiar button bars, a good spell check, support for headers, footers and tables, send-to-email, and the ability to include plug-ins. It also has routine graphic and object support. Document attributes are readily available through file properties. The 9K file for the basic program,, makes for a speedy download, even with dial-up.

PolyEdit has no thesaurus or dictionary and the spell check must be downloaded separately. On the plus side, for spell check, there are several languages to choose among. Help file is not included in the beta version. Outside of superscript, there is no special support for end-notes. The plug-in support has enormous potential, but remains under utilized. Some of the available plug-ins must be installed manually. No install program is included with the zip file, so it should be extracted into the directory from which it will be used. Also, you will need to create a shortcut to access the program. Be sure to read the files.

Beta demo.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Support - ?
Reviewed by - Janice Chandler -

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