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Type of Program: Network Utility
Supported Platforms: NT/W2K
Company Name: Sys-Manage
Version: 2.62
Price: $139 to $1649 (depending on Version and User Licenses)
Installed Size: 14mb


System Administrators will enjoy using this program. With it you can administer and customize most user environments on your entire network from an easy-to-use graphical layout. By using Scription you can make changes to applications or your operating system settings for any, or all your users or computers on the network Using its graphical layout you can use it to make area wide changes based on certain conditions. Letís say you have Members in a certain Group and you want to make conditional changes only to that Group. With Scription, itís easy! After you have made the changes and the "next" time that Member logs back on to that Group that User will than receive all changes made.

So forget those cumbersome tools you may have used in the past. Forget those bothersome scripts and batch files. Scription replaces them all and gives you, the Admin, control of the Network in an easy and efficient way.

So if youíre thinking of setting up a Network, looking for a better way, visit this site, email them if you need (support is great) and give Scription a try. Scription gives you the power to harness even your most demanding Networks.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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