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Type of Program: Object-Oriented Content Management System
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000
Company/Authors Name: WebGenz/Dave Krupinski
Version: 5.9.5
Price: $29.00


One thing I do like to use in HTML is SSI (Server Side Includes), it makes universal alterations simple. Unfortunately SSI facilities on your web hosters servers cost money. Now it doesn't matter we have got WebGenz, an object-oriented content management system and web site development tool for Windows. This program generates web site documents (HTML, ASP, JSP, PHP, XML, XSL, etc.) from reusable templates and content macros. In laymans language you create template files and can call various tags with a short one or two word macro or as the manufacturers put it "Let's say you're designing a web site and you'd like every page of the site to have the same basic layout and design. First, you create a template that defines this layout and design. You can hand-code this template or use your favorite WYSIWYG tool. Next, you add special content macro tags to the template to designate the areas of the template that will display custom content when the template is used for a specific web page." Webgenz is compatible with the tools and technologies in use today. You can use Webgenz to manage HTML files, ASP files, JSP files, PHP files, XML files, XSL files, and more.

By far, the most unique and powerful feature of Webgenz is support for inheritance and subclassing of content macros. Inheritance and subclassing are object-oriented concepts that are designed to facilitate reuse. Webgenz uses these concepts to make it easy to share content throughout a web site. Webgenz allows you to define multiple content files for each web site document. In addition, you can define global content files that are used by the entire web site or a certain area of the site. This is an extremely powerful feature that makes Webgenz a robust site management tool. Not for the novice but an excellent piece of software and amazing value for money.

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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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