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Animatek World Builder

Type of Program: 3D Landscape/World Editor
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT/W2K
Company  Name: Digital Element
Version: 3.01
Price: $399 (Standard) $999 (Professional)
Installed Size: 571mb


When you want to do a job right you need the right tools. So when you want to create 3D worlds then you'll need Animatek's World Builder to do it right. If you currently use other programs to design in such as 3D Max or Poser, or others that can read and write in popular formats, then Animatek's World Builder should fit nicely into your repertoire. Animatek's World Builder (AWB for short) is the premier 3D software application to create 3D landscapes or animated worlds and will no doubt remain #1 for a long time to come!.

With AWB you can create an endless diversity of all the 3D terrain models you desire! From natural looking surroundings such as mountains, oceans and skies to alien created environments. Use AWB in any or all of the following ways such as film, computer games, architecture, and landscape architecture. If you just can not dream up your own world then take a geological map, import in into AWB and re-create it yourself! AWB gives you this power and control that you need in one package to model your world or environment. Is it texturing you're after? What about lights or animation ranging from a gentle blowing breeze to a rushing waterfall? With AWB you can create whatever you can imagine! Adjust your atmospheric effects and "go wild!"

Included with AWB are numerous, beautiful libraries full of detailed plants, flowers, skies and roads that you simply drag and drop into your 3D model, in any position that aligns within your landscape. If you want, you can start from a predefined number of landscapes that already has grass, rivers and the such, or start a whole new world from scratch.

So, just how easy is AWB and how does it work? First, if you can point and click, or draw with a mouse (or graphics tablet), than you can use this program. The layout of the program should be familiar to many that use other 3D programs in that you'll have a complete host of commands at the click of a button on the menus, along with the usual viewports. Click to begin drawing a mountain, river, or the flow of a river. Click to draw your landscape, or click to create that beautiful moonlit sky. At any time you can adjust any property of an element through its expanded hierarchy of sub menus. Enter precise controls over the lengths of an ocean wave, heights of trees, rotations, the thickness of a blade of grass, and so much more to give your world the look and feel that you've dreamed of. The screen layout, as said, is a familiar one in that you can view your world from many angles (Top, Bottom, Right, Left, etc within four different panes). You can zoom in at any particular aspect to adjust and make minute changes. Assign any "age" to your landscape, redraw in varying degrees (Open GL, Skeleton, Draft, etc), flatten any area or hillside, create a flowing river that is crystal clear. Drop a leaf in a gentle stream and watch it drift down, over any ripples or small waves you have designed.

Let's take a quick look at the Menubars: The Side Menubar gives you 19 selections to start creating with, These include: 3 different light sources, 3 different camera angles, Landscape, Road, Skeleton Line, Plant, Lake, River/Ocean, Waterfall, Flipboard (for animation), 3D Cloud, Compound Sky, Rainbow, Max Communication (for 3D Max) and a button to import Poser models.

The Top Menubar gives you the normal selections as Open, Save, etc. but in addition, several important ones to use at your disposal. Such as, Redraw (to redraw selected viewports), Redraw All (to redraw ALL viewports), Bounding Box, Skeleton (redraws viewports in Skeleton mode), Wireframe, Hardware (redraws viewports in flat-shaded mode), Draft Preview (redraws in Phong shaded mode), Preview Rendering, Production Rendering, Final Rendering, Step Forward (this performs a Step Forward Incremental design process), Step Backward. That's just the Main Menubar! When you select different areas of your design such as a hillside or landscape your menubar will be expanded with more options that correspond to your selected item to give you finer control over your world.

Aside from being able to design, create and animate any world you can dream of you may also be interested in purchasing the Allen Whitt Tutorial and Source Pack. With it you receive 9 projects along with over 6 hours of narrated instructions on the many features of AWB plus many of its advanced features.

Animatek World Builder is without a doubt "the" most comprehensive 3D authoring program currently available that I have seen. You have everything at your disposal. Like an artist with an unlimited palette, all laid out in front of you, ready to create "your" masterpiece.

So, should you run right out and get Animatek's World Builder? Only if you are serious about creating the most beautiful 3D worlds. Only if you desire the best. Only if you demand the best. Only if you want ONE program that can really do ALL of your 3D landscaping and environment drawing! If you design 3D professionally then don't just take my word on it; click right now to their site. Visit the Forums and see Animatek's World Builder in action.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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