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The 3D GameMaker

Type of Program: Game Editor
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/2000/ME
Company Name: The 3D GameMaker
Version: 1.0
Price: $49.99
Installed Size: 600MB (Complete)


Have you ever wanted to create your very own action game, complete with 3D environments including shooters, enemies, and objects to capture or collect? What about making your very own racing arcade? With The 3D GameMaker installed you can do exactly that and more! This is absolutely the easiest game editor I have seen! Youíll be creating your very first game in minutes no mater what your skill level already is.

The 3D GameMaker allows even the Novice of computer users to create design and play many types of 3D games. If you canít write a line of code, donít worry. The 3D GameMaker takes all of that into account. How? Because The 3D GameMaker is completely clickable! You simply design and create your 3D game by clicking the mouse on certain parts of the work screen. Click to begin a New Project, click to assign the Hero, Enemy, Objects, the Game Boss and more! The 3D GameMaker gives you many options to produce the very game youíve only dreamed of until now. It even has an option where it will create a complete playable game by simply clicking on the "Magic Button!" By doing so, The 3D GameMaker will assign and create all the elements that make up a completely random game, ready to play.

Currently I have not seen anything else on the market like The 3D GameMaker. For the first time even the non-technical user can enjoy creating their very own games. You need no programming knowledge as The 3D GameMaker handles all the complex commands such as collisions, keyboard/mouse movements, how enemies attack or can be taken care of, and all the rest that completes a workable, playable game!

So letís get down to basics. When using The 3D GameMaker you will (in no particular order, but advisable to follow the logical order), here is how you build a game:
1. Click to choose your Scene (100ís to choose from)
2. Click to select the main Player
3. Select your Playerís weapon
4. Click to create the Enemies
5. Click to give the Enemies their weapons
6. Choose the Obstacles
7. Choose the End Level Boss
8. Click to Test the game
9. Click to build your stand alone game so you can pass it around to your friends
10. Over 12 billion gaming options (according to their site)

Now, although this sounds almost too easy . . .it is. During the course of designing your game you have many options to further refine and define it by changing any of the Properties of the elements inside. You can add background music, alter the sounds of gunshots, player/enemy noises, etc. You can change the textures of any/all the properties! For those who have the knowledge you can create your own DirectX graphics and Import them into The 3D GameMaker making certain that no two games are alike and completely original!

So you see, although The 3D GameMaker may sound almost too easy and predictable, you do have the capability to create an endless amount of original games, each being as different from the previous. The basic version reviewed here gives you all the needed tools to create your next 3D game. Be aware that although this is a terrific and easy program, your user will be presented with a nag screen when exiting your stand alone in this $49.99 version. You must purchase additional licenses such as the "One Product License" (useable for one complete game and must be repurchased for additional games) at $99 each, or for an unlimited license you must purchase for $500 (all prices are in U.S.). Also available is the $20.00 Lite Edition.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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