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1 Cool Button Tool

Type of Program: Flash/Java button maker
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/ 98/Me/NT/XP
Company Name: Juice Ware
Version: 5.00
Price: $44.95
Installed Size:


There are so many programs about now that make Flash or Java buttons that it gets very confusing for the average user as to which one to use. 1 Cool Button Tool Dual solves that dilemma by incorporating both. In fact, the whole program is "dual", not only do you get the luxury of building your buttons as Flash or Java, you also have a quick start wizard for the "newbies" and a multitude of configurations to truly customise your creations.

It has WYSIWYG design, layout and preview plus built in button animation reports, full sound support, multiple button states and types and you can use any image or artwork for your buttons. Included are 300 quality button images and sounds. The buttons are all custom-designed and include up, over and down button states. Each button can have a different image, color, font, text label, sound, action or format in any of its three states - up, mouse-over or down position. Buttons can be either push, check-box and tick-box style buttons. Objects and buttons can be affected by many different action triggers - on Load, Button entry (mouse-over), Button leave, Button Down, Mouse Up, Button Check and Button un-Check - this can create a huge array of possibilities when designing your navigation or button scheme. For more advanced users, a JavaScript interface can change the various states of buttons within the Flash file or Java applet giving power-users the edge in creating complex navigation schemes.

There is a very comprehensive help and support system with online tutorials and guides for new users. A nice and easy piece of software which will produce results in minutes that look as if they took hours to perfect. Good value for money.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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