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Optimal Desktop

Type of Program: Desktop productivity
Supported platforms: Windows 98/2k/NT/XP
Company Name: Optimal Access inc.
Version: 1.1 545
Price: $29.5
Installed Size: 6.3 Mb


Okay the installation was really user friendly. Not only does the program allow you to install it where you want it gives you the option to backup any files that it may replace. Plus it has it's own integrated archive programs for zip, arj, rar and tar files. In the installation it allows you to individually select or de-select any of those you want the program to integrate with. A nice touch.

After the installation was complete it had to restart Windows, then when I started the program a nag screen came up that told me how to order and told me that I had 30 days to try out the program. Then I got a window saying that Optimal Desktop was not my default browser and did I want to change this.

So what does this program do? Here is what I got from the Help file:
With Optimal Desktop, you can assume total control of your desktop! Nothing is more than 3 clicks away, be it your favorite web pages, your folders and files or a remote FTP site! You can do all this, without launching a single program from outside of Optimal Desktop. You can also build shortcuts for your favorite programs.

There is a lot more info in that Help file. But lets try to summarize here. Now is the time for you take a look at the screenshot. See those Tabs at the top? They are pretty much self-explanatory and give you a tiny preview of the options available on this well thought out program.

If I went into all the options available here it would be so long that you would probably stop reading about them a quarter way through. Let me tell you what it all about in a very brief statement, This program is all about optimization of your computing experience. It is all about options. This way you can set up your computer to be the way you want not what those people at Microsoft dictate.

In conclusion my advice to you is to try this program out. I think you'll like it.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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