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Type of Program: Web site promotion
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/NT4/2000/ME/XP
Company Name: Interlyn
Version: 4
Price: $54.95 standard: $79.5 Pro
Installed Size: 10mb


If there's one thing I hate in web design it is the tedious chore of doing meta tags. All that keywords, description, robots, author etc, a real pain in the rear end. But to get good search engine rankings it is a very necessary chore. Interlyns' SignPoster4 is definitely the answer. Not only does it do meta tags it will also analyse your current web pages and suggest sensible alternatives build you doorway pages ftp them and submit the results to search engines.

For meta tag analysing SignPoster4 will
1: Point out duplicated and unrelated keywords in your meta tags which are not liked by most search engines
2: Check meta tag lengths and for missing metadata elements. It's important that tags are of the right length and that no critical meta tags are missing.
3: Auto-fix problems with your meta tags. SignPoster can automatically fix numerous problems with meta tags, saving your the laborious task of doing it yourself.
4: Signposter4 also inserts Dublin Core metadata and is the only submission software to do this at the time of writing.

The most powerful feature of SignPoster4 is being able to automatically generate doorway pages, or SignPosts. A SignPost is a web page that is specially designed to achieve a good position in search engine rankings. When people visit a SignPost, they will be automatically forwarded to your normal web page. Signposts contain the following information:
1: Meta tags, visible text, field-based text and commented text. All of these structures make the content of your web page(s) absolutely clear to search engines, so it will rank well under relevant search terms.
2: Lists of keywords and lists of links within your site. A list structure containing keywords clearly identifies key search terms for your page and links to other pages within your site helps increase your site's link popularity rating.
In addition to this there is built in FTP and "smart" search engine submission to all the major search engines including a warning system if you submissions are too frequent. Reports are generated and can be formatted to include your own logo and colour scheme.
Very easy to use with a good clear help file, it is well worth the $54.95 base price.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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