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Type of Program: Security
Platforms: Windows (All Versions)
Company Name: ExploreAnywhere Software
Version: 1.6.1
Price: $49.99
Installed Size: 1.5MB


This program is just awesome. For stealth surveillance of your PC and others it is awesome. The user doesn't have a clue that virtually anything they do on a PC with this installed is recorded, you could be right there beside them and not be able to learn any more about their activities.

SpyBuddy has the ability to log all AOL/ICQ/MSN/AIM chat conversations, all websites visited, all windows opened and interacted with, every application executed, every document printed, every file or folder renamed and/or modified, all text and images sent to the clipboard, and even every keystroke, including system keys!

It will log all of these
Internet Conversation, Window Activity Logging, Application Activity, Clipboard Activity, AOL/Internet Explorer History, Printed Documents, Keystroke, Websites Activity, Screen Shot Capturing, WebWatch Keyword Alerting
The program can be configured to record specific or all users activities and can also email you recorded activity logs as a specified format (HTML/Excel/Text/CSV/XML) as well as desktop screenshots to your e-mail inbox at specified intervals. There is also automatic log clearing(configurable) and scheduling if you need it.
Just in case you are thinking "This sounds difficult to set up" then don't, Spybuddy comes with a powerful configuration wizard to make it easy for you and you can export your settings to other machines. There is a good help file as well and you can refer to the FAQs on the SpyBuddy site if you need to.

Like I said before, it's awesome and if you need to monitor activity on your PC this is a must have.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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