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WinOptimizer Suite

Type of Program: Windows Optimizer
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Company Name: Ashampoo
Version: 1.32
Price: $39.99
Installed Size: 17 Mb


The installation was painless, intuative and like all good programs it let you put it where you want to. It also opened the the readme.txt at the end of the installation. Which I like. It at leadt insures that you have had a glance at it before you start using the program. It also gives you the choice of putting a shortcut on your desktop and in your Quick Launch bar. This I really like. The reason is that lots of programs these days just put themselves in these plaves without asking. I like choices. A surprise choice at the very end of the installation was to install a full, free, unlimited version of Ashampoo Media Player+, the media player of the future. (Their Words)

* Plays virtually all video & audio files (21 formats out of the box, up to 50 formats with standard Windows codecs)

* Add-ons available for 2-click CD burning and image viewer/slide show functions
* Plus online video & audio streaming, skins, FTP client, and much, much more.

I choose no.

The first thing I tried was the File cleanup. After it took about 15 minutes to find 2651 redundant files that took up 226 Mb I got a pop-up that said until I entered the Registration Key or Trial Key I could only delete 33% of all the redundant files found. So then I had to connect to the internet go to their site enter my email address then get the email they sent me. Then go back on the internet go to the url they sent me to then fill out a form (which automatically registers you for their newsletter, like it or not.) Then I  got the trial password from the email they sent me. Then I entered the code. However before I could delete those files I had to re-start the program all over again. BTW I now had 30 days to try out the program with all of it's features.

After all that I saw which files it had picked out and in general I could see how they were useless and let the program put them in the recycle bin.

I then tried the Registry cleaner and it worked flawlessly.

Then I tried the feature that searchs out useless DLL's. This feature it says is only for advanced users and it gives some warnings in red. I'd really pay attention to them if I was you.. The results were a bit surprising considering the amount of stuff on my machine. It says it scanned 13,584 folders 11,531 DLL's and 0 were selected for deletion. It took 12 minutes for that scan.

It also has an industrial strength File Wiper that will really delete files. Plus a Internet Tuner that will tune up your dialup or DSL connection. There is also an Internet Cleaner that will clean up your Internet tracks.

In conclusion. Though the download is hefty if you are paying by the minute for downloading (10+Mb) and the temporary registration hoops are a bit cumbersome this is a very useful program that should make your computer run better and faster.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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