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Type of Program: Database
Supported Platforms: Win95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Company Name: askSam Systems
Version: 5
Price: $149.95
Installed Size: 30+ Mb


There a number of options under the install. There are a number of different languages dictionaries, plus Medical and Legal dictionaries. Other stuff too. You probably should take a good look. When the install finishes and you start the program you get a 30 day nag screen. You will get this nag screen every time you open askSam until you purchase it. Not a heavy price to pay for getting the full featured program to try for 30 days.

The first option you get is the Tutorial. Do it. It won't take long and it will give you a feel for the program quickly.
Here is a hint. If you have downloaded your copy of askSam and are doing the tutorial from inside askSam when you get to the part where you are actually having to create sample files you might want to print that part out.

askSam comes with a number of Templates that can really make your life easier. Plus they are always adding new ones on their web site. These are the ones that come with it. Address, Bibliography, Calendar, Clippings, Document Archive, Email, Fax and Memo, Helpdesk, Internet, Mail-Log, Meeting Minutes, Notes, Phone Directory, Phone Messages, Product Directory, Questionnaire, Todo and Web Sites.

Let me answer the big question right now. Why use askSam and not Access or the other databases that are out there? The answer is ease of use, the great search abilities and the ability to make custom databases easily. Thats it. Oh and there is another reason, the support of the askSam people is legendary. They are the best no doubt about it.

They even have real manuals. It comes with a 92 page Getting Started manual. Plus it comes with a 420 page User's Guide. These are people that care about their customers.

This review is based on version 5. New in this version is the ability to import Adobe PDF files, import email attachments, attach original files, new hypertext features, email merge and much more.

In conclusion. If you need a database program, look no further askSam is the 800 pound gorilla of databases. It features ease of use, plus it is flexible enough to be customized for specialized uses.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Patrik Dulin

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