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Insure It

Type of Program: Personal Inventory Software
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
Company Name: The Bizness Dot Com
Version: 3.02
Price: $3.95
Installed Size: 5MB


Who says you can’t get something for nothing these days? Well, at least pretty much for nothing and in today’s standards of software what’s a mere $3.95? Especially if it can potentially save you 1000’s of dollars when dealing with insurance companies? Insure It is as easy and simple as it can get! This is one small program (in size AND in price) that will inventory all of your household possessions, complete with descriptions, pictures and reports! You can go out and pay big bucks for some other inventory database program with all too many bells and whistles (and little email support) or you can get Insure It and start using it right away and have what you need, including some great email support! In my quest to find a program of this type I was pleasingly surprised to find Insure It and the superb support that comes with a low priced program!

When it comes down to the bare requirements what is it that you really need in an inventory database to catalog your household property? You want it to be easy and preferably fast to use (it gets pretty tiresome and boring entering large amounts of data). You need it to be capable of giving you itemized descriptive terms, to be able to list items with, or without photos, and to give you quick reports, balances and data of your inventoried belongings. Not only does Insure It keep a total of all your belongings it also shows you totals in each category you setup and enter data into, gives you a running total of individual categories and totals of items entered. In addition it also keeps tabs on whom your insurance company is, the account information and when the current premium expires!

So go ahead and start running an inventory of all your belongings before it’s too late. When you purchase Insure It for this low, low price let me note here that you get 2 licenses! One for you to use as you enter data directly on premises and one to give to a friend or relative in order to keep it in a safe place, away from the actual property. In this way should something happen to the actual property you will still have a good working copy elsewhere to be able to run reports and print the inventory. Pretty nice, eh?

For businesses wanting to be able to distribute something in a program like this, The Bizness Dot Com people have that option available so that you can "brand" this program with your own identity and pass it on to your own customers. Check their Web site for more details. This is a refreshing program with people that stand behind their product with service and support…even at this low cost! Come on, take a quick tour of their Web site and check out Insure It. What have you got to "lose?" (Play on words intended).

User Friendly
Ease of Installation

Reviewed by Robert Hall
Purchases can be made online from their Web site using PayPal

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