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AB Commander

Type of Program: Explorer Replacement
Supported Platforms: Win XP/2000/NT/Me/9x
Company Name: WinAbility.Com
Version: 6.0
Price: $39.95
Installed Size: 1.7Mb


The install has a nice features that other companies would do well to imitate. The first one is BEFORE you start the install it gives you the option to look at The Readme. The next one is one most companies offer now, that is to let you put the program folder and files in a place of your choice. After that at the end of the Install it lets you pick where you want shortcuts to appear (Start Menu, Desktop etc).

Listen to this. The nag screen? Usually it is an annoyance at best right? Not this one it has built into it the Tip of The Day.

Now for the program itself. I absolutely LOVE IT! First of all the look of the interface. It looks like Windows Explorer. I didn't know that mattered to me until I saw AB Commander. It somehow makes a difference.

What this program shows you is a Dual panel Explorer. What it does is make your use of it much more intuitive and it has many features that Windows Explorer doesn't have. Two of my favorites are the Compare and Synchronize tools. To test the Compare tool I gave it a folder that I knew had about 60 folders and 12,000 files to see how long it would it would take. About 5 seconds!

Another thing it does that Windows Explorer doesn't is it will split and merge files so that you can for instance split up a large file to fit on floppies, then merge them together on another computer.

There is lots more that it does that I'm not going into here I think though that you will really find this program exceptionally useful.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed by The Wizard of Shareware

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