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The Cleaner

Type of Program: Disk cleaner
Supported Platforms: Win95/98/ME/NT/2000
Author's Name: Alan Browne
Version: 2.4
Price: 9.99
Installed Size: 250K


With a title like The Cleaner, can you guess what this program does? Surprisingly, it cleans up unwanted files from you hard drive. These files include Internet Explorer's cache and cookies, histories (run, search and documents), temporary files and the recycle bin.

Following an installer which attempted to copy old versions of Windows system files onto my Windows XP system. Fair enough, the website doesn't list XP as a compatible system, but ideally installers should check file versions before trying to overwrite existing files.

The program itself is easy enough to use - simply select what you want to clean, and click the clean button. From my tests, it does what it says it does.

My only gripe with the program is its limited options. For example, you can delete temporary files, but you can't specify what temporary files are. For a computing novice, this is a good thing. But anyone who wants a bit of control will need to look somewhere else.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Mike Hathaway

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