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Type of Program: Web/Database Utility
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT/W2K
Company Name: Unley Tools
Version: 3.0 Professional
Price: $65 (Standard) $95 (Professional)
Installed Size: 5m


Do you have databases on the Internet? If you do then you know how time consuming it can be when changes need to be made to them. Hereís how databases are now made easy, especially when you need to create them, edit them, and put them on the Internet! By using DataShowcase you will be able to publish almost any type of data and/or database to the Internet in a matter of minutes. Although DataShowcase is easy to use, you can if youíre experienced in HTML further design the data pages once created by DataShowcase.

So what type of database do you want to create? Dynamic or Static? You can make your databases dynamic and searchable, or as fixed, static Web page. Do you need to include images? No problem with DataShowcase. Want to include a memo field? Go ahead with DataShowcase. Even if you are not a polished programmer or proficient in HTML coding, this program is really pretty simple to use. DataShowcase uses smart Java (Trademark) technology so thereís even now no need for CGI privileges!

If you have a Web site, you can use DataShowcase. But what types of databases can you create? You can use data from Microsoft Access, Paradox, Comma Separated Value files (CSV), and/or Text files. By using the Visual Editor you always have a preview of how your Web database looks while you work on it. With DataShowcase you can publish just about any type of data or database to the Internet in just minutes! You can choose to make your on-line databases dynamic and searchable, or as fixed Web pages. You can include images and memo fields in your Web pages and as stated, there is no programming required and there is no need to fully understand HTML. Once you have a database ready to go, DataShowcase creates all the needed files youíll need to upload and view on the Internet. You could even use the built-in FTP Wizard!

DataShowcase is provided on a 30-day evaluation. During this time the program is fully functional except that any published dynamic data will contain a nag that is placed at random locations in your Web pages. After 30 days you will not be able to publish any new Web pages but once you have registered, your Web databases will become fully active.

There are 3 different types of Licenses for DataShowcase.
1. Standard license: This license allows you to publish your own data.
2. Professional license (Evaluated here): This license is more suitable for professional developers. It allows you to publish your own as well as other people's data. Additional features available in the Professional version are Data Compression and the Web Clipboard
3. Site Licenses: Which include a Standard Site License that allows multiple users to use the software to publish their own data and the software can be installed on multiple computers. The Developer's Site License that allows multiple users to use the software to publish their own or other people's data and also can be installed on multiple computers.

With its sleek new design in Version 3.0, DataShowcase is ready for you to start showing off your own databases on the Internet. What once might have taken hours to complete now can be accomplished in a few short minutes! Use it not only to greatly enhance your productivity but also in a way that really benefits your own "showcase" when manipulating databases. As always, Unley Tools has listened to Userís needs, upgraded an already nice program, and support is better than ever.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by The King

Purchases can be made online from their Web site.

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