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KMCS Deluxe System Suite

Type of Program: Utilities
Supported Platforms: Win98/ME/XP/NT 4.x/2000
Company Name: KMCS Computer Software
Version: 2002
Price: 49.95
Installed Size: 2832k


I know there are many utility programs out there and why do we need another one? I'll tell you why, because this one is for the PC User not the PC geek.

KMCS Deluxe Suite is a collection of utilities that anyone can use. A nice simple user interface with clear buttons that even if you're not sure what they do you can hover the cursor to get an explanatory text display. They are even color coded to indicate if that particular function is compatible with your Windows version. There is a full and clear help section included.

Functions include:

RegCompress: automatically re-create your windows registry while omitting the junk entries
Edit hardware: provides a means for more advanced computer users to manipulate their devices on a much more powerful level than device manager allows
RegCompare: can be used to easily see what is being done by a program or by Windows itself to your registry. The software itself does not modify anything in your registry. For example, if you have a new program to install and want to know everything that it did to your registry, you can use Registry Compare to find out.
RegDelete: RegDelete is designed to delete registry keys on startup. There are many reasons that you may want to delete registry keys on startup including recent file lists stored by programs and anything else that you may want to reset on every boot.
Restrictions: The restrictions component makes it easy to disable certain elements of the Windows interface to prevent other users of your system from changing them. This component is also known as a Policy Editor.
Disk Cleanup: Whether you run Windows 95 or Windows XP, whether you have multiple users or just one, the software will search and generate scripts to catch all the areas containing garbage files to be removed.
Cache Viewer: The cache viewer component allows you to view pictures and web documents stored by Internet Explorer on your hard drive in what is termed the Internet Cache. This component will only display IE cache components.
Folder printer: The Folder Printer component will automatically print the contents of any folder on your system.
Batch Replace: This component will search for and replace a string of text in multiple files of any size.
AutoRun: This software enables you to run a sequence of programs with adjustable time delays between them from one icon!
TV Scheduler: If you like to watch TV and have a few favorite programs on various weekdays that you donut want to miss, this program is for you. The easy to use software can be set up with up to ten different TV programs per day. The software will sit in your system tray, and when a specified amount of time is left before one of your shows starts, a sound is optionally played and the scheduler pops up and flashes the name of your show!
Daily Planner: If you forget to look at paper calendars, you'll appreciate the Daily Planner component. You can input your plans for each day, and the planner will pop up on startup or when a day elapses to remind you of your plans.

A truly user friendly program that will help you maintain your PC and time more efficiently.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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