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Type of Program: HTML Compiler to distributable exe
Supported platforms: Win 95/98/ME/XP/NT4/2000
Company Name: Oakley Data Services
Version: 2000 v1.62
Price: $149
Installed Size: 2.46mb


Have you ever wanted to send your web pages as a self contained group to others who don't know how to find an index page? Web Compiler will do this for you and with ease. If you get lost, there is an impressive instant context help response in the build phase. A useful search function is built into the compiled exe files, and files up to a maximum 2GB may be compiled.

The user interface is a standard Web page menu. New users will be lost at first as there is no compile or build button on the menu page. Open the File menu and Compile Options appears with many tabs. Users can password protect files, add search functions, enable printing and copying of menus, set the display appearance, add branding and splash screens, include directories and specify an smtp mailer for feedback. Pages and folders can be locked and password protected for viewing. There is an extensive FAQ page at the program's website.

This program offers a useful array of options and would be eminently useful in the corporate and training environments for presentations and training programs as well as an online learning resource. Well thought out and has capacity to satisfy many different users. It would be a most useful choice for making Helpdesk files. Program users will require a good grasp of html and construct and link their pages properly to make proper use of this program. It is not an entry level compiler and requires a reasonable level of competence. Nag screens appear when the program is loaded, and on each compiled exe file and in the search function. A useful addition would be the inclusion of a wizard to walk through first time users of the program.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Chris Parnell

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