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Type of Program: Screensaver Editor
Supported Platforms: Win9x/NT/XP/2000
Company Name: SilkMoth PLC
Version: 2.92
Price: $99.00
Installed Size: 8MB


Here's an updated review looking at this program one more time. As you can see it has been upgraded from the 1.4 Version I reviewed earlier in time. Like its counterpart, FlashWiz seems to have gotten better and better with each new upgrade.

For anyone that is not familiar with what FlashWiz, it is a screen saver creation toolkit that produces fast running screen savers from your very own your Flash files. So if you already know how to create Flash files why not take it a step further and create some amazing screen savers easily and quickly with FlashWiz! Using the FlashWiz interface is easy. In a step by step process you will soon have all you need to generate applications and screen saver. Here's how it works:

1.. Step One: Choose your Flash file to Import. Choose whether or not you want to use a background. Give it some sound if desired, set the movie quality and finally, decide if you want to make your screen saver interactive or not. By making it interactive you give the users for example the ability to visit your Web site by pressing a key. Finally, decide if you want to include a "Contact" image or not. This will show users who, and where they can contact you within the screen saver.

2.. Step Two: Here's where you create what your screen saver will look like within the Control Panel. You also select the icon that your screen saver will represent. In this step you also decide if there are any additional files that need to be included to run the screen saver. Plus more!

3.. Step Three: Give your screen saver a name and you're ready to go. This final step gives you the ability if you want to make an icon for the Desktop and/or install the final saver into the Start Menu as well as more pertinent information. FlashWiz still seems to be one of the fastest and easiest programs I have seen that can be your authoring tool. If you want to create a professional appearance when passing out and/or selling screen savers or interactive applications, FlashWiz allows you to really show some "flash." For creating screen savers using your own pictures try ImageWiz as well as VideoWiz. Both geared the same way a FlashWiz and both just as easy to use! Although I reviewed the Registered Version of FlashWiz go ahead and grab the free version! It is fully functional with very limited restrictions!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Robert Hall

Purchases can be made by visiting their Web site.

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