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Advanced Font Viewer


Type of program: Font Viewer
Supported Platforms: Windows 98/ME/NT4/2000/XP (may work in Win95)
Version: 1.9
Company Name: Styopkin Software
Price: $25
Installer Size: 817 KB


What does it do:
* It loads all installed fonts in a list and displays the "look/effect" next to it which can also be printed out.
* A character map can be displayed.
* Fonts can be installed and uninstalled.
* Have a look at the screenshots and also see the homepage for more details.

Trail Version:
* 14 days to evaluate
* Nagsceen popping up every 1 minute
* Every second font in the list being printed out will show "Please register..." in red
* Once registered, you will receive a small encrypted registration file to be placed in the application directory.

* A very handy program to have. It makes it much easier to select and use different fonts (and characters) on your system.
* I would suggest backing up your Windows\Fonts directory before installing new fonts, as it will overwrite the same font names without warning you.
* The program has the potential to realy be an "advanced font viewer" as it is improved with every new version. Buying the program will include all upgraded improved versions.

User friendly:
Ease of installation/uninstall:
Reviewed by Jan Louw

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