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Easy CD-DA Extractor

Type of Program: Multimedia
Supported Platforms: Win9x/ME/NT 4x/XP/2000
Company Name: Poikosoft
Version: 6.0
Price: $19.95
Installed Size: 3596


This is a wonderfully simple to use program for ripping music CDs with high performance CD-ripping & encoding. Here you have a program that converts files from one format to another, burns audio CDs, copies "Copy-Protected" CDs, reads audio from badly scratched CDs, downloads & uploads disc information from and to Freedb, supports volume normalization, fade in and out etc. and supports formats such as MP3, MP4, OGG, Windows Media Audio etc.

Easy CD-DA Extractor can also copy those "copy protected" CDs for your personal backup copy and it will copy from badly scratched CDs and has silence deletion from the start and end of a song.

A good high quality program at a very reasonable cost and well worth the money.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Simon Baillie

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