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EditPad Lite

Type of Program: Text Editor
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP
Company Name: JGsoft - Just Great Software
Version: 5.0.1
Price: $0 (free)
Installer Size: 975 KB
Limitations: None (full working "lite" version, no nag screens)


What does it do?
It is a text editor. And much more. If you use Wordpad a lot (like me), then this program is a must.

Why is it better? Can open more than one file at a time with tabs/tags to switch between then. Select/configure program to save configuration settings in an .ini file and not to clog the dreaded registry even more. See for more functions.

Installation/Uninstallation It uses the Company's own excellent installation program (DeployMaster) giving you more options on installation and to uninstall.

Performance I loaded a text file with 262 000 lines. No problem. Then I really gave it a go by opening a 156 MB zip file (showing garbled text) with more than 2,3 million lines: Windows 2000 complained and increased the swap file size, but EditPad Lite loaded it gracefully. And even wrapped and numbered the text file with a nice progress bar. And scrolling up and down effortlessly (something Wordpad cannot do with really big files). In short: It will not crash on you that easy.

Help/Support Help file giving you the info short and sweet. As there are quite a few functions to explore, take time to explore each one using the help file when stuck. It will be worth the effort to know what this text editor is capable of.

Lite version limitations No spelling checker, no bullets and numbering, changing fonts changes the whole file and not only the selection, cannot load images, no good in displaying .rtf (Rich Text Format) files. This is a free "trailer" text version of EditPad Pro. The Pro version can do a lot more. See for details.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation/Uninstall:
Reviewed by Jan Louw

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