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Type of Program: Image Viewing
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Company Name: Xequte Software
Version: 6.01
Price: $27.50
Installed Size: 2.4mb


EZ-Pix supports all common image formats and has two modes, folder mode and bookmark mode, which come in really handy for manipulating images, especially for printing. The modes are in an explorer-like tree, displaying each image in either filename, small thumbnail or large thumbnail. Selected images can be bookmarked and those bookmark selections saved to a file, but you must register the software to open that file later.

Numerous options are available in file management as well as image viewing, sorting, and printing. A file description can be added for each image, but there is no option to see the description in either slideshow or onscreen. A list can be created in .csv format (Excel), but for the images without a file description, that image's file info is shown in the same column as the file description of the other images, which is a little confusing. Editing features also include the standard rotate, flip, convert, filters, effects, and color, which all work well. Resizing can only be done in pixels, an inches option would be useful. Cropping needs work, it cut off the top of several of my images. Images can be sorted by filename, size, date, or type. Slideshows can be viewed in either single image or multiple images. A very nice feature of EZ~Pix is Watch Folder, which watches for and automatically adds new images in a specific folder, but there is no option to watch subfolders. I have 2500+ photos (family only) with a folder for each sibling, and the ability to automatically add from subfolders would be extremely useful.

EZ~Pix lets you print the current image or all images, but not selected images. To print selected images, you can bookmark them and print from the bookmark mode. Printing also allows you to choose the number of thumbnails per page to print. Overall, even with its few limitations and problems, I really like EZ~Pix. It is very user-friendly, with excellent support in the help feature.

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Reviewed by Nell Lennard

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