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Say The Time

Type of Program: Desktop Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 98/Me/2000/XP
Company Name: Provenio Software Corporation
Version: 6.0
Price: $24.95
Installed Size: 5.5mg


Download this program, then buy it!! You don't need to read the rest of my review, but if you must, here goes:

Say The Time announces the date or time, or both, in a very clear male or female voice, at your choice of every 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes, or every hour, with or without a chime to get your attention before the announcement. It will Say The Time any time you left-click on it, or you can specify an interval of time to not make an announcement (i.e., while you are asleep). The time can be synchronized either automatically or manually. The clock, which replaces the standard taskbar clock, comes with a funky but very nice color scheme and can be customized to your liking of one color or texture or in any color combination. The time and/or date format on the clock can show any combination of day, month and date, and year. You can also change the font name, style, color, or size.

Now for the really good stuff in Say The Time. I've used and tried dozens of reminder programs over the years, but Say The Time has got my vote! It does it all, with any feature you could possibly need. Reminders can be one-time, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also specify a week or day of each month (i.e., first, second, third, or fourth Friday) for the reminder. Starting and ending dates can be set for repeating reminders. And that's not all.... each reminder can display a message, take you to an internet site, play a specified sound, or execute a program. I have 10 programs that I run automatically at the same time every day (15 minutes apart), and this works great for me. If the reminder is urgent, you can set it to repeat the sound until you turn it off. I cannot think of a single feature for reminders that is not included in Say The Time. The Help file will answer any questions you might have, all in easily understood words and graphics.

The reminders can be viewed with a right-click of the Say The Time clock, and they can be easily edited here. The reminders are sorted showing the first at the top, which is really handy. Also with the right-click, you can set a new reminder, sync the time, or show a monthly calendar (which also shows your upcoming reminders for today and tomorrow, up to 18 reminders).

Download Say The Time now!!

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Reviewed by Nell Lennard

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